Servecast Dr. William Lamb invites students, educators, and community advocates to Studio 22 to explore ways individuals and communities can be agents of change for good.

The inaugural guests of Servecast, Carolyn Dirksen and Jimmy Harper, return to Studio 22 to discuss their respective journies while at Lee University. Both Dirksen and Harper are entering new chapters of their lives and have left a tremendous legacy on the Lee University campus and its students. They join William to discuss their defining moments at Lee through the lens of faith, leadership, and service.


Leadership Challenge (book) by James Kouzes and Barry Posner

Relaunch (book) by Mark Rutland

When Helping Hurts (book) by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert

Half the Sky (book) by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn

The Female Vision (book) by Sally Helgesen and Julie Johnson

Rich Christians in the Age of Hunger (book) by Ronald Sider

Toxic Charity (book) by Robert Lupton


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Music by Bensound and LeeU Worship (Expectant)

This episode was recorded on May 22, 2018.


William is joined by Chris Hadsell, Jennifer Hadsell, Sarah Roberts, and Dusty Strickland of Retouch, a non-profit focused on the education and discipleship of children in Kenya. In this episode, Chris, Jennifer, Sarah, and Dusty share stories of personal service experiences, leadership principles employed in their organization, and the way Retouch seeks to impact the local community in Kenya by equipping teachers. They describe how obedience to God's leading may look different for each person and how sometimes old methods need to be cast off to create a brighter future for everyone. In the end, the love of Jesus inspires believers to follow God's call to serve others with perseverance and passion. 

Click here to view the Lee University Chapel service feature the team from Retouch. 

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Dr. William Kamm, Lee University's Director of Graduate Studies in Education, joins Servecast and recounts his time as a school administrator, his first class at Lee University, and the time someone refused to speak to him in the dining hall. Along with William and Tyler, they discuss the importance of teacher figures and the transformational possibilities inherent in every honest conversation.

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In this first episode of “William Gone Rogue," William challenges listeners on how to successfully return to work and school after Christmas break.

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