Servecast Dr. William Lamb and his guests talk about the values of faith, leadership, and service as they challenge others to serve well.

Dr. Lamb talks about our distractions

Dr. Lamb talks to Jared Waldrop the college pastor at Westmore COG about "Real life and real faith". 

February 11, 2020  

If you pursue God. He will do whatever He needs to do to get to you. 

January 31, 2020  

Dr. Lamb talks with FCA Area Director for the Ocoee Region, Robert Green, about the importance of service in the upcoming generation and the promise he has already seen in the youth he works with on a daily basis. 

January 28, 2020  

Dr. Lamb talks about the passing of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna. 

Dr. Lamb talks about overcoming turbulence in our own lives. 

Dr. Lamb talks to Rebekah Lyons about her book on “Rhythms of Renewal” and why she wrote it.

Dr. Lamb quotes, "A friend is someone who walks in when everyone else walks out."

Dr. Lamb gives his advice on how to stay productive and handle life's interruptions in this New Year. 

Dr. Lamb gives us a couple of suggestions going into the new year of 2020!

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