Servecast Dr. William Lamb invites students, educators, and community advocates to Studio 22 to explore ways individuals and communities can be agents of change for good.

The second episode of the Two Minute Tuesday Series- Look and Listen

Dr. Lamb introduces a new Servecast series "Two Minute Tuesday" and challenges us to get to know the people around us. 

Join Leonard Center Crew Member Emily Gates and Servecast Producer Tyler Ohman as they listen to Dr. Lamb rant about his frustration with automated water faucets and how that relates to our Faith.

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Practicing the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence

June 14, 2019  

Dr. William Lamb and Servecast Producer Tyler Ohman kick off the summer by discussing Dr. Lamb's "Life Verse" and more in this shortened episode of Servecast.

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Dr. Susan Ashcraft joins Dr. Lamb in Studio 22 to discuss her book Beloved, how suffering is the vehicle in which we can identify through Christ, and unpacking our suitcases.


Links: Beloved by Dr. Susan Alford Ashcraft

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LeeU Students Cana Cooper and Olivia Webb of Webb Writing Company sit down with William in Studio22 to tell their stories and talk about their experience in local jail ministry.


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Ginger Robinson and Chris Schelich from U-Turn institute, join Dr. Lamb in Studio 22 to discuss equipping people to share their stories, making a difference in the lives of others.


Our Only World by Wendell Berry

Overcome by LeeU Worship

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Heather Ryerson and Rachel Lovingood of Hands and Feet Ministries as well as Dr. Jake Stum, Special Projects Manager of City Fields, join Dr. Lamb in Studio 22 to discuss their stories of getting involved in local service, missions, and Community Development.




City Fields


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On this episode of Servecast, Dr. Terry Cross (Dean of the School of Religion at LeeU) and Dr. Rickie Moore (Associate Dean of the School of Religion at LeeU) join Dr. Lamb and Co-Host Christian Schweer live in the Dixon Center to discuss Skepticism and Criticism. 

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Jeremy Isaacs, Lead Pastor of Canton Church, joins Dr. Lamb in Studio 22 to discuss calling, ministry, accountability, leadership, and friendship.




Toxic Soul by Jeremy Isaacs and Jason Isaacs


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Fill My Cup by LeeU Worship

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