Servecast Dr. William Lamb invites students, educators, and community advocates to Studio 22 to explore ways individuals and communities can be agents of change for good.

The inaugural guests of Servecast, Carolyn Dirksen and Jimmy Harper, return to Studio 22 to discuss their respective journies while at Lee University. Both Dirksen and Harper are entering new chapters of their lives and have left a tremendous legacy on the Lee University campus and its students. They join William to discuss their defining moments at Lee through the lens of faith, leadership, and service.


Leadership Challenge (book) by James Kouzes and Barry Posner

Relaunch (book) by Mark Rutland

When Helping Hurts (book) by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert

Half the Sky (book) by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn

The Female Vision (book) by Sally Helgesen and Julie Johnson

Rich Christians in the Age of Hunger (book) by Ronald Sider

Toxic Charity (book) by Robert Lupton


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This episode was recorded on May 22, 2018.


Faithful Christian mission includes more than preaching. In his book Where the Cross Meets the Street, Noel Castellanos describes his dissatisfaction with the proclamation-only approach and looks at the life of Jesus for a more holistic way to engage our neighborhoods. He believes in the cross God enters our suffering and cares for the vulnerable, and the Christian's duty is to do the same. This entails moving into the neighborhood, engaging both proclamation and formation, demonstrating compassion, seeking restoration and development, and confronting injustice where it may be found. In this episode, Noel joins William to discuss how the radical story of the cross should shape the Church's presence in our communities.

Noel serves as the President of the Christian Community Development Association.

Pick up a copy of Noel's book, Where the Cross Meets the Street: What Happens to the Neighborhood When God is at the Center.

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We all want to know our purpose in life. Christians often speak of this as “our call.” Author and social entrepreneur Jonathan David Golden says we should stop obsessing over missing that purpose and start doing what we can where we are. In conversation with William, Jonathan encourages listeners to consider their strengths, understand their story, and make a difference wherever they may be in life.

Check out Jonathan’s book, Be You. Do Good.: Having the Guts to Pursue What Makes You Come Alive.

Learn more about Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Co. and the Bwenda Water Project.

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In the first ever installment of ServecastLive, Dr. Mike Hayes, Lee University VP of Student Development and lecturer in Benevolence, joins William in front of a live audience at Lee University to continue the Benevolence series and engage in a discussion on justice. In their conversation, they challenge commonly held perspectives and speak to the Christian responsibility to participate in God's shalom-making. Be sure to tune in to part 2 to hear student leaders weigh in on the conversation.


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Follow this link to watch Mike's full lecture on justice.


William and Tyler take Studio 22 on the road and head west to the Christian Community Development Association National Conference in Los Angeles. While there, William interviewed author, speaker, civil rights activist, and community development practitioner Dr. John Perkins. We hope you will be encouraged by his gentle heart and challenging words as Dr. Perkins shares his grace filled life.

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